Beautiful Glasscarrig

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Beautiful Glasscarrig

A beautiful local poem written by John Doyle ( A grand uncle of Jimmy Crowe – Cahore). Jimmy will lead a fantastic walking history tour of Cahore in association with The Strand Cahore over the Summer with lots of folklore, history, stories and funny anicdotes. Keep an eye for details.

“Beautiful Glasscarrig, by the deep blue sea,

No matter where I have roamed, to it’s there I’d love to be,

The Monastery on the height above,

Where the Holy Monks did dwell,

And just South-West of that great place,

Is Mary’s blessed well.

The Moat is a silent sentinel, standing above the shore,

And just a little further is lovely Donaghmore,

Where St Patrick in his travels, landed on the shore,

And preached the faith to all that was there in Donaghmore.

The Roney Rocks stands out to sea, one time it was on land,

But now a channel divides that rock from Askingarron Strand.

The yellow rock is hidden, just outside our shore,

And is a hidden menace, to all fishing craft, especially from Cahore.

The Skiddy Banks, a point of land,

Has stood all winter shocks,

Just a little out to sea is the lonely Button Rock,

Where once a ship was stranded from which the bank takes it’s name,

It was the J.R Skiddy, A ship of Noble Fame.

The only sad thing did occur, on that great ship of fame,

Was a local boy who lost his life, O’Brien was his name,

He was from the vicinity around or near Cahore,

He went on board that stranded ship, and was never seen no more.”

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