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Ballygarrett Ukranian Support Team have launched an appeal for donations of Men’s, Women’s and Kids Bicycles to help support the Ukranian refugees in our Community.

As we all know, transport is crucial to independence and freedom in the countryside.  Due to shocking Insurance prices, most of these families, at least initially, will not be able to afford the running cost of a car.  As some of them do not live within walking distance of the village this leaves them and their kids very dependent on the kindness of others. 

I know that we are all happy to help when we can but the families the Support Team have met so far seem determined to be independent and would love to be able to get from A to B without having to ask for help all of the time.

The only temporary solution we can think of is BIKES.  What if we could get every mam and her kids a bike?  (And helmets of course!).  Most kids and mams would be able for a 5-10k cycle if it meant getting kids to school, popping to the shop for milk, going to the beach or most importantly (some might say!), getting kids to the GAA pitch, the soccer pitch, the Youth Club and all the other great resources we have to help them settle into their new lives! 

It would be great if you could check the sheds and check with friends and see if there are any bikes no longer in use.  We will even take those that need repair.  

If you can help, please contact Demi Redmond on 086 3564500 or email

Thank you in advance.

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