The Pier, Cahore

For generations adults and kids alike have been learning to swim and jumping off in the safe shallow waters off Cahore Pier. Crab Fishing is also a popular family friendly past time.

The annual New Years Day Swim in aid of Cahore Inshore Rescue Service has become another wonderful tradition.

The sea has been an important part of life in Cahore for centuries. The village itself is dominated by the pier, which was hugely extended over 100 years ago, initially for schooner ships to unload coal phosphates and salt.

Although small boats have always fished here, the extension to the pier led to larger boats to begin depositing their catch at Cahore in later years. Even today, larger whelk-fishing boats are still regular visitors to the pier.

The pier itself is a busy place, especially in the summertime. For generations, children have fished for crabs from the small bridge that joins the older section of the pier to the newer extension, while many fishing boats are launched daily from the slipway.

The churning effect of the tides provides superb fishing opportunities in the whole area. A variety of species like herring, mackerel, tope, smooth hound, spur dog, ray, bass, flounder, whiting, and dogfish can all be found here at different times. Even night fishing directly from the pier itself can produce great results. Sea anglers also frequent the small beach to the locally known North Beach, as do many families, who enjoy swimming and bathing in the shallow and sheltered area between the beach and the pier.